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Monday, January 30, 2012

1/30/2012- WWE Royal Rumble results, UFC on FOX 2 results, AFC def NFC in the Pro Bowl, more

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend! There are only a few days left until the Super Bowl this coming Sunday and will most likely be the last time I mention football until August preseason. Bear with me if I talk a lot of pro wrestling and mixed martial arts during the month of February since Spring Training for the Yankees and Mets doesn't start until March. Here we go!

As many of you know, the Pro Bowl occurred yesterday in Hawaii as an All Star game between the two conferences of the AFC and NFC. Basically, it was a boring game since no player made any effort to play the game and are just simply having fun. In my opinion, the Pro Bowl needs to be reformed. Example is that whichever conference wins the Pro Bowl will be the designated home conference in the following Super Bowl. Nonetheless, here are the highlights:

At least next Sunday is the real deal when the New York Giants and the New England Patriots face off in the Super Bowl.

Last night was the 25th Anniversary of the Royal Rumble. I didn't see the PPV, but I heard that the Royal Rumble match was a letdown since there wasn't any top tier talent participating and WWE reverted it back to 30 men. Here are the results:
  • Daniel Bryan def Mark Henry, and The Big Show in a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
  • Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Bella Twins def Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Alicia Fox, and Tamina in an 8 diva tag team match
  • John Cena vs Kane went to a double countout
  • Brodus Clay def Drew McIntyre
  • CM Punk def Dolph Ziggler (John Laurinaitis as Special Guest Referee) to retain the WWE Championship
  • Sheamus wins the Royal Rumble, last eliminating Chris Jericho and will either face the WWE Champion or the World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania 28
Here are the people who participated in the Rumble and who was eliminated

       Entrants                                  Eliminated by                     Time Spent
  1. The Miz                                The Big Show                         45:40
  2. Alex Riley                             Miz                                         1:15
  3. R-Truth                                Miz                                         4:58
  4. Cody Rhodes                       Big Show                                41:57
  5. Justin Gabriel                       Foley and Rodriguez                6:11
  6. Primo                                  Foley                                       1:56
  7. Mick Foley                         Rhodes                                     6:32
  8. Ricardo Rodriguez              Santino                                      2:18
  9. Santino Marella                  Rhodes                                      2:30
  10. Epico                                 Foley                                         0:11
  11. Kofi Kingston                    Sheamus                                    17:57
  12. Jerry Lawler                      Rhodes                                      0:43
  13. Ezekiel Jackson                 Khali                                         3:46
  14. Jinder Mahal                     Khali                                         1:18
  15. The Great Khali                Rhodes and Ziggler                    7:31
  16. Hunico                             Kharma                                      9:03
  17. Booker T                         Rhodes and Ziggler                     4:42
  18. Dolph Ziggler                   Big Show                                   19:48
  19. Jim Duggan                      Rhodes                                      0:57
  20. Michael Cole                   Booker T and Lawler                 1:24
  21. Kharma                           Ziggler                                       1:00
  22. Sheamus                         --------------------                    22:20
  23. Road Dogg                      Barrett                                      4:56
  24. Jey Uso                           Orton                                        7:03
  25. Jack Swagger                  Big Show                                  7:59
  26. Wade Barrett                  Orton                                        3:55
  27. David Otunga                  Jericho                                      3:15
  28. Randy Orton                   Jericho                                      5:46
  29. Chris Jericho                   Sheamus                                  11:34
  30. The Big Show                 Orton                                         1:52
BOLD- Winner

Note: For GetGlue users, you can check into WWE programming to earn stickers on the Road to WrestleMania. Just check in when Raw, SmackDown, or any PPV up to WrestleMania is on the air.

UFC on FOX 2 took place on Saturday night at the United Center in Chicago, IL. Overall, there were 10 fights on the card. The preliminaries took place on Fuel TV, but I will give the results on the main card that occurred on FOX:

  • Chris Weidman def Demian Maia via unanimous decision
  • Chael Sonnen def Michael Bisping via unanimous decision
  • Rashad Evans def Phil Davis via unanimous decision
Ring Ka King
If anyone has not heard, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (a.k.a. TNA) has an offshoot promotion based in Pune, India called Ring Ka King. The show is aired on Colors TV and can also be seen in the USA either on Dish Network or AT&T U-Verse. If you don't have any of these providers, Colors TV will post these episodes on YouTube after it aired on television. The 1st 2 episodes aired over the weekend and while I didn't see the 2nd episode, I will share my thoughts on the 1st. Overall, it was an average product as there wasn't anything special, but it was nice to see the Indian crowd reacting well to the wrestlers. The wrestlers in the show are a mix of domestic and foreign wrestlers. Notable foreigners include Chavo Guerrero, Scott Steiner, Nick Dinsmore (formerly Eugene), Chris Masters (going by American Adonis in the show), Mickie James, and many more. Even though, I'm not a fan of Impact Wrestling as much as I used to, Ring Ka King is a breath of fresh air and for once TNA is doing something right so far. The good news for wrestling fans is that Vince Russo is NOT involved in the Ring Ka King project as the writers are Dutch Mantel and David Lagana. More episodes will air over the course of several weeks, with the season finale airing before cricket season in India.

Here's one of the promos if you aren't familiar:

That's all I have to say for now. Have a great week!


Monday, January 16, 2012

1/16/2012- WWE Week in 90 Seconds, UFC 142 results, NFL Playoffs, more

Hello everyone. This is the first blog of 2012 and here are some of the events that occurred over the weekend. I was planning to do a review of 2011 blog 2 weeks ago, but since it was time consuming I scrapped the idea. Here we go!

UFC 142 took place on Saturday night in Rio de Janiero, Brazil at the HSBC Arena. Overall, there were 10 fights on the card. 1 was streamed to Facebook, 4 were aired on FX, while the rest aired on PPV. Here are the results:
  • Felipe Ariantes def. Antonio Carvalho via unanimous decision
  • Mike Pyle def Ricardo Funch via TKO at Round 1*
  • Yuri Alcantra def Michihiro Omigawa via unanimous decision
  • Gabriel Gonzaga def Ednaldo Oliviera via submission at Round 1*
  • Thiago Tavares def Sam Stout via unanimous decision*
  • Edson Barboza def Terry Etim via KO at Round 3
  • Carlo Prater def Erick Silva via DQ at Round 1
  • Rousimar Palhares def Mike Massenzio via submission at Round 1
  • Vitor Belfort def Anthony Johnson via submission at Round 1
  • Jose Aldo def Chad Mendes via KO at Round 1 to retain the UFC Featherweight Championship
*- also aired on PPV

This weekend was full of surprises as most of the home teams won their respective games. The only upset win was the New York Giants defeating the #1 seed Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Here are the highlights from this weekend:

With that being said, the final four are the New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots, and the Baltimore Ravens. Next week will be the determining factor of who will headline the Super Bowl.

Here are the highlights from the past week:

Note: This is the the only video I can get embedded into Blogger since WWE has disabled embedding on their videos. Here's a link for a better quality video: http://youtu.be/Kza-9AtJJYs

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Kza-9AtJJYs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Here's a preview of next week's SmackDown emanating from Las Vegas:

I won't be covering Strikforce MMA anymore since I switched TV providers and I no longer have Showtime. With that being said, there won't be any news on Strikeforce until further notice.

That's all I have to say for now. Have a nice week!!