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Monday, March 31, 2014

3/31/2014- Nationals def. Mets on Opening Day, preview of WWE Raw

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I was here. Since today is March 31st, that means that today is officially the start of baseball season. Also, this week is the final week heading into WrestleMania. Let's cut to the chase, shall we? Here we go!


Today, the New York Mets kicked off Opening Day against the Washington Nationals in a losing effort. Even though the Mets had the lead early on in the game, their bullpen was not strong enough to finish the job as they sacrificed the lead and lost the game. Don't worry Mets fans, it's just Game 1. There are still 161 games left in the season.

The New York Yankees will have their season opener tomorrow as they face the Houston Astros in Minute Maid Park. In a way, the Yankees are starting the season right where they left off.

Tonight on Raw is the final Raw before WrestleMania 30. I have to say, the build up has been below-average this year. The only match that is being hyped up is Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H and that match worries me a lot. The reason why is Triple H is known to be a career killer. Hopefully the rest of the card will be finalized tonight before the crew heads to New Orleans for WrestleMania 30 week.

Here is a recap of WWE in 5:

That's all I have to say for now. Enjoy the rest of your week!


Friday, March 14, 2014

3/14/2014- Eric Decker officially a New York Jet, Raw Recap, more

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great week this week. Let's cut to the chase, shall we? Here we go!


In case you missed it, former Denver Broncos wide receiver signed a 5-year contract with the New York Jets. Many have questioned the signing due to the fact that he was a receiver in the "Peyton Manning system", but believe it or not, Decker was a Bronco before Peyton joined them. Also, this is a massive upgrade over Santonio Holmes as well as the wide receivers the Jets had these past 2 seasons. However, I don't think the Jets are done in terms of filling needs in free agency.

Here are some notable transactions from both the +New York Jets and +New York Giants:

Jets Departures

  • Antonio Cromartie (cut)
  • Santonio Holmes (cut)
  • Isaiah Trufant (signed w/ Cleveland Browns)
  • Austin Howard (signed w/ Oakland Raiders)
Jets Additions
  • Breno Giacomini (previously w/ Seattle Seahawks)
  • Eric Decker (previously w/ Denver Broncos)
Giants Departures
  • Linval Joseph (signed w/ Minnesota Vikings)
  • Ryan Mundy (signed w/ Chicago Bears)
  • Brandon Myers (signed w/ Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  • Keith Rivers (signed w/ Buffalo Bills)
  • Justin Tuck (signed w/ Oakland Raiders)
Giants Additions
  • Rashad Jennings (previously w/ Oakland Raiders)
  • O'Brien Schofield (previously w/ Seattle Seahawks)
  • JD Walton (previously w/ Denver Broncos)
  • Jameel McClain (previously w/ Baltimore Ravens)
More departures and additions will come later on as time goes by.

This past Monday on Raw was the hype up of the Road to WrestleMania season. To kick off the night, Hulk Hogan announced that there will be a battle royal to determine who would win the "Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy" at WrestleMania 30. Also, Triple H finally accepted Daniel Bryan's offer to face him at WrestleMania. The stipulation of that match is that if Bryan wins, he earns a shot to be in the main event match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Here are the highlights:

Tonight is Bellator 112: Straus vs. Curran 3. The event will emanate from Horseshoe Hammond Casino in Hammond, Indiana. Prelims will air on the Bellator app, while the main card will air on Spike TV.

Tomorrow night is UFC 171: Hendricks vs Lawler PPV. The PPV will emanate from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

That's all I have to say for now. Have a good weekend!


Monday, March 10, 2014

3/10/2014- NFL Free Agency Begins, preview of WWE Raw

Hello everyone! Let's cut to the chase, shall we? Here we go!

As you all know, the NFL Free Agency period will begin for the 2014 season. Prior to the start of free agency, the New York Jets cut Antonio Cromartie and Santonio Holmes. More will be announced as the time goes along.

Announced by WWE Mobile, Daniel Bryan will be teaming up with a mystery tag team partner. Tune into Raw to find out who is the mystery tag team partner.

Here is a recap of last week in the WWE:

That's all I have to say for now. Have a good week, and for those who have Spring Break, enjoy your break from school.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 New York Mets Spring Training Schedule

Here is the 2014 New York Mets Spring Training Schedule:

  • 2/28- vs. Nationals
  • 3/1- vs. Marlins
  • 3/2- at Cardinals
  • 3/3- at Braves
  • 3/4- vs. Astros
  • 3/5- vs. Marlins (SS)
  •      - at Nationals (SS)
  • 3/6- at Astros
  • 3/7- vs. Cardinals
  • 3/8- at Tigers
  • 3/9- vs. Braves
  • 3/10- vs. Marlins
  • 3/11- at Cardinals
  • 3/12- vs. Cardinals
  • 3/13- at Nationals
  • 3/14- vs. Marlins
  • 3/15- vs. Twins (SS)
  •        - at Cubs (SS)*
  • 3/16- at Cardinals (SS)
  •        - at Cubs (SS)*
  • 3/17- at Marlins
  • 3/18- vs. Tigers
  • 3/20- vs. Braves
  • 3/21- at Twins
  • 3/22- at Marlins
  • 3/23- vs. Nationals (SS)
  •        - at Braves (SS)
  • 3/24- vs. Cardinals
  • 3/25- at Nationals
  • 3/26- at Astros
  • 3/27- vs. Nationals
  • 3/28- at Blue Jays**
  • 3/29- at Blue Jays**
*- game is being played in Las Vegas
**- game is being played in Montreal
(SS)- split squad

2014 New York Yankees Spring Training Schedule

Here is the 2014 New York Yankees Spring Training Schedule:
  • 2/25- vs. Florida State Seminoles
  • 2/26- at Pirates
  • 2/27- vs. Pirates
  • 2/28- at Tigers
  • 3/1- vs. Phillies
  • 3/2- at Blue Jays
  • 3/3- vs. Nationals
  • 3/4- vs. Orioles
  • 3/5- at Rays
  • 3/6- at Phillies
  • 3/7- vs. Tigers
  • 3/8- at Astros
  • 3/9- vs. Rays
  • 3/11- at Nationals
  • 3/12- vs. Tigers
  • 3/13- at Phillies (SS)
  •        - vs. Orioles (SS)
  • 3/14- vs. Twins
  • 3/15- at Orioles (SS)
  •        - vs. Marlins (SS)*
  • 3/16- vs. Braves (SS)
  •        - vs. Marlins (SS)*
  • 3/17- at Pirates
  • 3/18- vs. Red Sox
  • 3/19- at Braves
  • 3/20- at Red Sox
  • 3/21- vs. Pirates
  • 3/22- at Twins
  • 3/23- vs. Blue Jays
  • 3/25- vs. Phillies
  • 3/26- at Blue Jays
  • 3/27- at Pirates
  • 3/28- vs. Marlins
  • 3/29- vs. Marlins
*- Game is being played in Panama
(SS)- split squad