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Friday, May 27, 2011

5/27/2011- Former WWE Women's Champion responds, review of WWE Raw, Tough Enough, Yankees, Mets, more

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great week. Something did happen that was out of the ordinary on Monday night, but I will get into that information during the blog. First, here's a review of this week's Tough Enough.

Tough Enough started with a recap of what happened last week with Christina taking a fall that injured her and was sent to the emergency room. The show started off with an exterior shot of the Tough Enough house. Trish Stratus was waiting outside for Christina to return from the hospital. When Christina arrived back, Trish helped her out to get inside the house. It was "just a sprain". Thank god it wasn't anything too serious. While Christina and Trish were in the house heading upstairs, AJ overheard them talking. AJ felt guilty of what happened since he accidentally caused Christina's top rope move to be botched. AJ would approach Christina and apologize for what happened. Christina said that it was nothing to worry about. After the opening credits aired, the training session was in progress with Andy, Luke, Jeremiah, and AJ in the ring. Christina was excused from physical activity in this episode, but wasn't exempt from the non-physical work. Steve Austin entered the ring and told that this week's theme was charisma. DeMott got the men to do training exercises in which AJ and Jeremiah were scolded by DeMott. Luke and Andy were looking good in the ring and impressed DeMott. DeMott then called for a "group hug". The life lesson was going to Hollywood and giving a tour of Los Angeles via a sight seeing tour bus. DeMott and USA Network's Psych star James Roday were the judges for this contest.  AJ was the first person to go. He was okay on that one. Luke didn't connect with the tourists, despite his humor. Christina was okay at first, but lost the tourists attention after awhile. Andy went afterwards and felt a little shy speaking in front of tourists. He also turned his back while searching for the landmarks. I took public speaking and drama classes respectively in the past and the one thing I learned was "Never turn your back to the audience". Jeremiah stole the show, according to DeMott on the sight seeing tour. Once the tour ended, Roday declared Jeremiah for winning the life lesson of the day.

Later, The Rock makes an appearance at the Tough Enough training session. Everyone was overwhelmed with his presence around. The Rock then called everyone to stand in line for a sparring session. Christina "wanted to play" but because of her injury she wasn't able to spar with The Rock. After the sparring session, The Rock told everyone that they were too stiff and should "loosen up" in the ring. The skills challenge was about to occur. Rock decided to stick around for this segment. Stone Cold told everyone to leave the room, and will be called one by one. During this session, some one will get in the ring and cut a promo to Bill DeMott. The Rock, Trish, and Stone Cold were judges on this contest. Jeremiah went first. It sounded like a heel promo, but it was just average. Luke cut a promo next. Rock was confused when Luke said that the wolf will hunt down the big bad lion. Christina started strong, but fell extremely flat. AJ was also average as well, but DeMott wasn't impressed at all. AJ was the last person to go, and my god AJ did a really good job. DeMott smiled as did everyone else. After the skills challenge, The Rock then cut a promo on everyone in character and pretty much scolded everyone. However when Rock approached AJ, he broke character and said that he did great. After Rock exited, it was time for evaluation between Austin and the trainers. Once evaluation ended, Austin called the following to the bottom 3. AJ, Christina, and Andy were in the bottom three. Luke and Jeremiah went back to the house to celebrate, while the rest packed their bags to meet Stone Cold in the "room of doom". Austin scolded everyone, especially Andy. At first I thought that Andy was going home, but he managed to defend himself by showing aggression. Austin would eliminate Christina for "being too shy", and AJ since his performance overall was lacking (despite winning the skills challenge). The top 3 was now Andy, Luke, and Jeremiah.

This week's Raw was basically a hangover from Over The Limit PPV. Bret Hart made an appearance as a special guest referee for the match between John Cena & Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk and R-Truth as the main event. The tag titles changed hands as now David Otunga and Michael McGillicuddy are now the tag champions. Backstage,  Big Show was run over by Alberto Del Rio's car. This prompted a storyline injury to write him off the storylines for the time being. Near the second half of Raw, Michael Cole was walking backstage heading to the ring. The backstage crew and the Divas were silently laughing at him. Cole attempted to offer a truce handshake to Eve, but Eve lifted her foot to Cole's face (interpreted as "kiss my foot"). Cole then headed to the ring to make a speech. Cole apologized to everyone in the WWE, especially Jerry Lawler. Cole asked Lawler if he can be forgiven, Lawler said yes. Cole would then join Matthews and Lawler for the second half of Raw. I'm assuming that Cole has turned face again, but we will see. The team of Miz and Alex Riley officially ended as Miz fired Riley from his "personal services". Riley would then beat down the Miz afterwards, showing signs of a face turn. The one moment that made me say WTF was the segment between Kharma and the Raw Divas. During an 8-divas tag team match, Kharma would interrupt, and head to the ring. All of the divas surrounded her in "Nexus formation". Kharma would then breakdown and start crying. WTF!!!!!!!!! After weeks of scaring the crap out of the divas, Kharma would start crying?!! It's reported on WWE.com that next week Kharma will explain her actions on Raw. I sure want a good explanation for that. At the end, it was all good as Cena and Mysterio won and celebrated with Bret Hart.

Shifting gears, UFC 130 will be occuring this weekend as the main event on the card is between Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Matt Hamill. The main card will  air on PPV, while the preliminaries will air on Facebook.com/UFC and Spike TV respectively. The Facebook edition of the preliminaries will air around 6PM, while the portion on Spike will air around 8PM. That way, everyone has a fight televised.

Now getting to the unusual thing that occured on Monday night. On Monday night, during the airings of Tough Enough, USA Network had a Tough Enough chatter where fans can chat with other fans about the show. Trish Stratus was the guest of the live chat and had a Q&A session with the fans. I joined at 11PM EST, since Tough Enough was airing on the West Coast (I did join for the East Coast portion of it, but the show was about to end and Trish was going to take a break from 9-11 PM. However, she did return to talk to the fans on the West Coast and those on the East Coast who didn't get a chance earlier). I asked a question, but it wasn't about wrestling since too many people asked the question about it earlier. I didn't expect a response from Trish, but here it is:

Basically, I asked a question about the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team, and whether she was a fan or not. I added a comment saying that she must've been happy that the won. The game between Toronto and New York has concluded by the time I asked the question with Toronto winning 6-2. I will give a paraphrased version of Trish's answer if anyone was confused with the original response.

(Trish: "I am. Blue Jays are doing well. At least one of my Toronto teams is doing well unlike the Maple Leafs".)

Even though it was a baseball question, at least it's better than nothing. Keep in mind that it was the real Trish Stratus who answered my question on USA Network's website. Here's the link of the live chat which is now archived: http://www.usanetwork.com/series/toughenough/chatter/

When you go on, go to "Ask Trish", then click on "Answers". Scroll down to look for my name (The hint is on the picture I posted)

If you want to follow Trish Stratus, you can like her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.


Both of these social network sites are confirmed as official by WWE and TrishStratus.com

Getting to baseball, despite the Yankees losing to Toronto on Monday night, Yankees managed to win the following night, and Wednesday. Mets, however had a rough week as the lost to the Cubs on Tuesday and Thursday. This weekend, the Yankees make their first stop on their West Coast Tour as they face the Seattle Mariners. The Mets will return to Queens to face their division rival, the Philadelphia Phillies in what I call a "must-see game" this weekend.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone! I will take a break from blogging to enjoy this weekend, and will resume on Tuesday. Here's a song to end the week:

Monday, May 23, 2011

5/23/2011- Bellator 45 results, Subway Series, more

Bellator 45 took place in Lake Charles, Louisiana and was the season finale for the fourth season of Bellator Fighting Championship. There were a total of 8 fights on the card, but only 3 were televised for the viewers at home. The first of the 3 televised fights on the card was Sam "Smile N'" Alvey vs Karl Amoussou. During the fighter introductions, Alvey was given a baby face reaction, while Amoussou's was mixed. During the 1st round, Alvey was bleeding everywhere on his head, but walked it off to finish the fight. Overall, it was a good opening bout and the winner by the judge's scorecard was Sam Alvey. The next fight was between Patricio Freire vs Daniel Strauss and it was for the #1 contendership for the Bellator Featherweight Championship. Joe Warren joined Sean Wheelock and Jimmy Smith on commentary for this fight. During the fight, a plug was aired to promote Impact Wrestling on Spike. Sean Wheelock and Jimmy Smith gave their condolences for "Macho Man" Randy Savage during the 2nd round. To me, I believe that was a class act on their part to show respect for the professional wrestling business. After the fight was over, Patricio Freire won the fight by unanimous decision and will now face Joe Warren in an upcoming fight.

The last match that aired on the card, was the fight between Christian M'Pumbu and Richard Hale and it was for the inaugural Bellator Light Heavyweight Championship. Since this was a title fight, 5 rounds were in place instead of the usual 3 rounds. However, in the 3rd round M'Pumbu TKO ed Hale and won the Bellator Light Heavyweight Championship. Here's a video that Bellator posted:

Bellator will return for a Summer Series on June 25th, and it will feature a featherweight tournament during the summer series. Season 5 will air during the fall.

I didn't see WWE Over the Limit PPV yesterday, but I did read the results and here they are:
  •  R-Truth def. Rey Mysterio
  • Ezekiel Jackson def. Wade Barrett via DQ. Barrett retains the Intercontinental Championship
  • Sin Cara def. Chavo Guerrero
  • Big Show & Kane def. C.M. Punk and Mason Ryan to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship
  • Brie Bella def. Kelly Kelly to retain the WWE Divas Championship
  • Randy Orton def. Christian to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
  • Jerry Lawler def. Michael Cole. After the match, Eve along with Jim Ross and Bret Hart attacked Michael Cole. Cole was then forced to kiss Lawler's foot (as per the "gross" stipulation)
  • John Cena def. The Miz to retain the WWE Championship
No titles changed hands yesterday, although the final match was a Dusty Finish. Originally The Miz won, but the referee reversed the decision and restarted the match. I believe that Lawler def. Cole was the highlight of the night as Cole would finally get his comeuppance. I hope that Cole would leave the commentary booth to become a Co-Raw General Manager as he does much better as a heel manager than a heel commentator.

The 1st half of the Subway Series has concluded with the Yankees defeating the Mets 2 out of 3 on both Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. In my opinion, the Sunday afternoon game was slightly better mainly due to commentators. I don't know why Joe Buck has to be the "voice of FOX Sports" as he isn't as good as Jack Buck, but that's just my two cents of opinion to share. The Yankees will face the Toronto Blue Jays in a 3 game series, then will head to the West Coast to face Seattle starting Friday. The Mets will then face the Chicago Cubs from Tuesday-Thursday, then will face their division and historic rival Philadelphia Phillies this Memorial Day weekend in what I believe is a "must-see game".

Preview of 5/27: Review of WWE Raw, Tough Enough, Yankees, Mets

Saturday, May 21, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: ROH Wrestling returns to Television!

This is just in, Ring of Honor Wrestling will return to television sooner than you think! More details are on ROH's website: Ring Of Honor Announces Sale To Sinclair Broadcast Group

NYCKNP's Analysis: I believe that it's really great news that Ring of Honor Wrestling will return to television, after their last show aired on HDNet for the past 2 years. Ring of Honor presents nothing but great professional wrestling. It's really great for those who want an alternative from WWE and TNA.

5/21/2011- review of WWE SmackDown, Subway Series, Judgement Day?

Last night's episode of SmackDown was the show to promote Over the Limit PPV, and it was much better than what Raw has done. The opening match was Christian vs Sheamus, and those two put on a great fight. Christian pulled an upset victory by pinning Sheamus with a roll up. After the match, Mark Henry and Sheamus attacked Christian. Randy Orton was out to make the save, but decided to watch first. This promoted the tension between Christian and Orton and asks the question: Who will walk out World Heavyweight Champion come Sunday? The hits of the show were Daniel Bryan's first victory as member of SmackDown roster, Natalya's return to SmackDown as a member of the roster, and a semi-hit was Great Khali and Jinder Mahal's conversation in the middle of Khali's match which prompted Khali to become agressive. I believe it would be cool to see Khali return to his agressive side, as his face run was nothing more than a joke. As for the wrestling abilities, Jinder Mahal would have to be the winner of that one. I know that Mahal didn't have a match on SmackDown yet, but I did see some of his work from FCW and he is really good. The moments that weren't worth it were DiBiase vs Baretta, the 6-Man tag team match, and believe it or not the Randy Orton vs Mark Henry match. It started out good, but became weird at the end as Sheamus interfered, Christian did the exact same thing as Orton did early in the show, and when Orton hit the RKO on Henry, Orton jumped for joy?! That was the weirdest moment of the show, but it did remind me of his "Legend Killer" gimmick from the past.

During the commercial breaks, WWE Tough Enough was promoted with The Rock making a guest appearance on the show. It will air this Monday at 8/7c on USA Network.

Yesterday was the first round of the Subway Series, and the Mets pulled out a first round knockout on this one, as they defeated the heavily favored Yankees 2-1. The game started out with no runs in the 1st 2 innings, but Yankees pulled off 1 run in the 3rd while the Mets pulled off 1 run in the 4th. Mets had one more run in the 6th inning, which led to their victory in the first of the three games this weekend. The two teams will face each other tonight at 7PM, and tomorrow at 1PM.

Bellator 45 will air tonight as this episode of Bellator is the season finale of the 4th season. It will determine who will be Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion. Tune in tonight on MTV 2.

So I've been hearing that today is going to be the end of the world. Well so far, 6 PM has occured in other parts of the world and I haven't heard anything yet. I'm not saying that I fully believe it, because I don't. However unpredictable things have occured in the past, so I don't want to jinx anything. If this rapture turns out to be true, then I don't know what to say. Here's a song that relates to Judgement Day:

English to Hindi

यह एक के लिए अगर मैं अपने ब्लॉग के लिए हिन्दी भाषा में कुछ पोस्ट कर सकते हैं परीक्षण है.

(Translation: This is a test to see if I can post something in the Hindi language for my blog.)

Friday, May 20, 2011

5/20/2011- R.I.P. "Macho Man" Randy Savage, review of WWE Raw, Tough Enough, Subway Series

This week's episode of Tough Enough started out with Christina and Trish doing a one on one yoga session outside of the Tough Enough house near a lake. At first I thought that the weather was nice in California (the location where Tough Enough was taped) so that's why the two were outside. Later I found out that yoga is meant to be done outdoors. Going back to the show, Trish was telling Christina that she is the last female contestant of the show and tells her what to do in order to remain on the show. After the yoga session, everyone reported to the training room for today's activity. Stone Cold came in and said that the theme of the episode was "Creativity". He mentioned that they need to show creativity when attempting a wrestling move, but to do it in a way that no one would get hurt. AJ and Jeremiah were critized by the trainers since AJ was considered to be "too timid" and Jeremiah for being "too MMA". Next, they were practicing how to remove people from the ring by throwing them over the top rope. Everyone was critized and all the contestants were under a lot of pressure.

After the training session was over, a stretch limo appeared near the front door, and WWE Divas Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, and the Bella Twins came out of the limo. Trish would then greet them and escorted the Divas inside the house. While Trish was showing the Divas around the house, they would encounter the men waiting in line to take a shower (which called for awkward moment)! Luke and Jeremiah had towels wrapped around them, to which the Bellas responded via interview that it was "nice to see men in towels for a change". Later, the contestants and the Divas went out for dinner and had a great time. Luke had a little too much to drink, but at the end it was all good. The next day, the contestants went to THQ office and Stone Cold told them to create their own characters in the WWE All Stars game. Once created, it was then tested out. One of the representatives of THQ thought that Luke's create a wrestler was impressive. Once evening fell, the contestants reported to training from Bill DeMott and Booker T. Martin injured his ankle during the training. Martin attempted to walk it off, but Bill suggested to "get an X-Ray". Martin went to the emergency room and returned the next morning with a heavy heart that he's unable to continue (due to doctor's orders). Stone Cold took Martin to his office and asked him to hang up his belt on the wall (usually Stone Cold would take the belts and hang it up on the wall, but didn't do that in Martin's case, most likely out of respect). After saying farewell to everyone over there, Martin recieved a standing ovation on his way out. That was an emotional moment that reminded me of an episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, but I will discuss it at another time. During the training session, it was "creative skills" challenge that AJ and Christina were picked to do. Christina attempted a top rope move, but landed on her foot. Christina ended up being in a lot of pain, to which she ended up going to the hospital. Stone Cold then announced that there will be no eliminations tonight, and ended the training session. The episode then ended on a cliffhanger, leaving the viewers what will happen on the next episode.

This week's edition was the Raw before the Over the Limit PPV. John Cena was advertised in a no-holds barred match (as stipulated by The Miz) for the main event, and the contract signing took place for the Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler match at the PPV. Overall, it was an okay show with the exception of the contract signing. The contract signing did indeed took place, but the added stipulation to Lawler's HOF ring as collateral will now be a  Kiss my Foot match. Now, not only is this rivalry gone absurd, but it's become gross. I don't know what's going on, but does Vince have some sort of foot fetish to see a wrestler putting his foot in another person's mouth? That's really disgusting as I don't want to see that kind of match with a superstar or diva putting his/her feet near another mouth (which is why I'm not buying the PPV). Luckily, the segment ended sooner than later, and things went back to normal. At the end of the show, John Cena defeated Jack Swagger in a no holds barred match. This didn't look like a good show to sell the PPV at all.

Shifting gears to baseball, after a 6 game losing streak, the Yankees have made a comeback and won 3 games in a row. The Mets had 2 wins against Washington, 1 loss against Florida, with the following game ended up a no-contest due to the rain. To me both of those teams look strong for the Subway Series as the Mets face the Yankees in Bronx for the entire weekend. I hope that it will be a good game the entire weekend. Although I usually cheer for the Yankees more than the Mets, I stay neutral when the two teams face each other.

Usually I talk about baseball at the end of my blog post, but this is an exception as today was the untimely death of WWE legend "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Savage died in an automobile accident minutes after he got a heart attack and lost control of the vehicle early in the morning. He was 58 years old. I have never seen Macho Man wrestle before as he was wrestling before my generation, but I did see his clips on YouTube and saw old videos and he was a tremendous wrestler who had the charisma to cut a promo on the microphone, with his catchphrase "Oooh Yeah!" Here's an example:

Now the question is, will Macho Man get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? That I can't say since it's up to the WWE, but I do believe that he should get inducted as a posthumous inductee, with his brother Lanny Poffo accepting it on his behalf. I know that there are theories about the Macho Man to which Vince wouldn't allow him to be inducted, but I wouldn't say anything since I'm not part of the business. I do have a link of another blog post by Jim Ross in which he gives his views of Randy Savage's death, since Ross is part of the industry.

R.I.P. Macho Man. He will surely be missed.

Monday, May 16, 2011

5/16/2011- Bellator 44, Disappointing weekend for the Yankees, Mets def. Houston 2 out of 3, more

Bellator 44 telecasted this past Saturday night on MTV 2 and was broadcasted live from Atlantic City, NJ. There were a total of 7 fights, 3 were dark matches while the remaining 4 were televised. The first fight of the card was Alexander Shlemenko vs Jake Cooper and it was a qualifing bout for Season 5 Middleweight. After 3 rounds, Shlemenko def. Cooper by unanimous decision by the judges. Great way to start the card. The next fight was a Welterweight bout featuring Giedrius Karavackas vs Sam Oropeza. After 2 strong rounds, Karavackas managed to make Oropeza tap out, thus winning by submission. In my opinion, Oropeza did the right thing by tapping because when he was trapped in the armlock, his face had turned red and it looked like he was going to pass out. Had Oropeza not tapped out, the referee would have to stop the fight and Oropeza would've ended up in the emergency room.

After 2 fights, intermission occurred for the live crowd, but did return from commercial breaks to promote the main event and Bellator 45 (season finale of Season 4). Once intermission ended, the first main event fight occured between Hector Lombard and Falaniko Vitale. During the first few seconds of the 3rd round, Lombard gave a devasting KO blow. Bellator posted the video of the KO blow

  • Interesting Fact: During the middle of the first main event, a banner showed on the screen promoting Impact Wrestling on Spike (due to Spike and MTV 2 owned by Viacom). Bellator play by play announcer Sean Wheelock acknowledged the banner that was shown on the TV screens to the viewers at home and mentioned that "TNA Impact is now Impact Wrestling". Wheelock would briefly mention how he wanted to become a pro-wrestling commentator growing up and that Gordon Solie was one of his inspirations.
The last fight of the evening was where Michael Chandler faced Patricky "Pitbull" Friere. Although I couldn't watch the fight during the conclusion, I did hear that Chandler defeated him by unanimous decision (despite having an infraction for 3 accidential groin kicks).

Getting to baseball, the Yankees had a very disappointing weekend as they have lost to the Boston Red Sox three times in a row, one of which was the Saturday game where they were blanked. I do hope that one day that the Yankees snap out of their losing streak before their big game on Friday. A lot of people are saying that the Yankees "will not make it to the playoffs" and "starting to become the Mets". For those who are saying that the Yankees will not make it are losing hope. My advice is don't give up as it's only the beginning of the season and time will tell what will happen at the end. The Mets suffered a loss on Saturday, but did manage to recover on Sunday. The current ranking for the two teams are:

Yankees: 20-18 (remaining in 2nd place)
Mets: 19-21 (tied with Washington for 4th place)

Before the Subway Series this weekend, both of these teams will face their division rivals as the Mets face the Florida Marlins and Washington Nationals this week, while the Yankees will face Tampa Bay and Baltimore.

Coming up Next: review of 5/16 edition of Raw, Tough Enough, Subway Series

Saturday, May 14, 2011

5/14/2011- Review of WWE SmackDown, Yankees, Mets, and more

This week's WWE SmackDown gave a highlight video of Christian winning the World Heavyweight Championship, defending the title, and ultimately dropping it to Randy Orton. The show would start with a cold open, with Christian coming out and telling the WWE Universe that he is using his rematch clause at Over the Limit. Sheamus and Mark Henry would interrupt, and proceeded to attack Christian, until Orton made the save. That would prompt the main event of the episode to be Christian and Randy Orton vs Sheamus and Mark Henry. The opening match was really good between Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara. Despite Daniel Bryan losing via interference from Chavo Guerrero, both of these wrestlers put on a great match. After the match, Sin Cara would then condemn Chavo of his actions. The hits of this week's show was the opening segment, Daniel Bryan vs Sin Cara, Kharma attacking Layla and scaring Michael Cole, and the main event itself. The only disadvantages were Wade Barrett vs Kane, and Cody Rhodes vs Ted DiBiase. At the end, Christian is still the crowd favorite for now, but it all depends what will happen over time.

During my last blog post I said I would give a proper review of the most recent Tough Enough episode, so here it is. Tough Enough started with Luke and Christina returning back to the TE house after Ryan (a.k.a. Skid marks) was eliminated. The entire episode was mainly about focus, so the contestants had to do an obstacle course, which was monitored by Stone Cold and guest star John Morrison. Most, but two of the contestants did well without any problems. Ivelisse fell through the rope during the course, which led to Morrison helping her finish the course. Eric, however was unable to finish as he collapsed in the middle and was brought down to safety. After the obstacle course, the contestants then returned to the training area where they had to squat on the top rope and keep their balance. Luke was declared the winner of the challenge. At the end, AJ, Ivelisse, and Eric were sent to the bottom 3. AJ was on the verge of being eliminated, but was given one more chance. Eric and Ivelisse were sent home as part of the eliminations.

It was announced yesterday by the WWE that it will have television tapings for both Raw and SmackDown at Mexico City, Mexico. The tapings will be held on October 15th & 16th, and will be aired on their designated days. More details will follow soon.

Also this weekend, New Japan Pro Wrestling is having a USA tour with wrestlers from both Japan and the United States competing. NJPW had a show on 5/13 at Rahway, NJ, and will have their remaining shows on 5/14 in New York, NY and 5/15 in Philadelphia, PA.

In baseball, the Yankees fell short of a victory as they lost to the Boston Red Sox 5-4. The two teams were even in runs during the 4th and 5th innings, but the 7th inning spelled doom for the Yankees as the Red Sox gained three more runs. Despite an attempt to recover from the Yankees, it was already too late. For the Mets playing against the Astros at Minute Maid Park, it was a benefit for them in the long run. Despite Houston dominating the Mets for the 1st six innings, at the end the Mets pulled a miracle and ended the game with a score of 6-4.

Current Status for Yankees and Mets
Yankees: 20-16 (currently in 2nd place in AL East)
Mets: 18-20 (moved up to 4th place in NL East)

Don't forget that Bellator 44 will be airing tonight on MTV 2 in its prime time lineup. Check your local listings on when Bellator will air in your area.

In the next blog post: review of Bellator 44, Yankees, Mets, ....

Friday, May 13, 2011

5/13/2011- Review of WWE Raw, NXT, TNA Impact now Impact Wrestling, Yankees, Mets, UFC Main Event change, and more

Greetings everyone! I hope everyone has had a great week. After my recent blog post introductions, I've decided to utilize the use of "mobile viewing". That's right. I have made the NYCKNP Blog mobile friendly (with the help of Google, of course). The reason why I have done this because in this recent trend, smartphones are on the rise. As times change, I must adapt to it. Therefore, if you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, or any other smart phone device, the blog is easy to read. To all the people who have these devices, you're welcome. Now to get down to business, I will now start with the review of Monday Night Raw.

This week's Raw was mostly an average episode which featured the main event of Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, and Rey Mysterio in a triple threat match to determine the #1 contendership for the WWE Championship, currently held by John Cena, at Over the Limit. This week's Raw featured a little more wrestling compared to last week's Raw (since it was The Rock's birthday) and I must say, Kharma (Awesome Kong) continues to impress me every week with the run in & attack of the WWE Divas. If used right, Kharma could one day bring credibility back to the female division. Also, the rivalry between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler continued, with a storyline that "If Jerry Lawler is defeated by Michael Cole, Lawler will personally induct Michael Cole into the WWE Hall of Fame and give him his ring". To me, now this rivalry has become even more absurd. With the HOF ring up for grabs, I thought "hasn't this angle been done in TNA before?" First, Hogan, then Flair, and now Lawler putting his ring as collateral? If this keeps up, the WWE Hall of Fame will become nothing more, but a joke. At the end of the episode, Miz won the triple threat match and will face John Cena for the title at WWE Over the Limit PPV.

NXT announced that next week is elimination week, and speaking of eliminations, Tough Enough had two contestants go home. I will give a full review of Tough Enough on the next blog post as I still have it saved in my DVR and haven't watched it. Also, yesterday TNA Wrestling announced on their Impact show that TNA Impact will now become Impact Wrestling. Even though I have stopped watching TNA, mainly due to storylines, I believe that it's a good thing for them to do. Hopefully they could remove the "TNA" letters on their promotion as it's considered to be inappropriate for non-wrestling fans to hear.

Shifting gears to MMA, it was announced not too long ago that the UFC 131 pay-per-view main event has changed. Originally it was scheduled to be Brock Lesnar vs Junior Dos Santos, but due to health complications, Lesnar pulled out of the event. It will now be Shane Carwin vs Junior Dos Santos as the main event at UFC 131, scheduled to be held on Saturday June 11th at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver. Also, this Saturday will be Bellator 44 held in Atlantic City, NJ and will air on MTV 2. The main event of Bellator 44 will be Hector Lombard vs Falaniko Vitale in a "non-title" Middleweight bout. If you are a fan of MMA and want to see an alternative to the UFC, Bellator is one of them.

In baseball, the New York Yankees had a rough week as they lost to Kansas City in a 2 out of 3 series this week. The current ranking for the Yankees are 20-15 and are currently in 2nd place in the AL East, with Tampa Bay at the top spot. For the New York Mets, they have defeated Colorado two out of the three times they have met. Current ranking for the Mets are 17-20 and are in last place in the NL East division. Both of these teams need to step it up if they want to be back on the top spot, and they have a chance as the Yankees will face their historic and division rival Boston Red Sox this weekend in what I would call a "must see game", while the Mets will be heading to Houston. Don't forget that next weekend is the Subway Series as the Mets head to the Bronx to face the Yankees, in what I would say is an instant classic and a "win for the fans".

On the next blog post, I will give my review of WWE SmackDown, Yankees vs Red Sox round 1, and a preview of Bellator 44. Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What this blog is all about

                 Hello everyone, so you may have known that the NYCKNP blog has made its debut a few days ago. Well, I will tell you what it's all about, but first the introductions. My name is Kalind or you may refer to me as NYCKNP. I have returned to blogging after four years (the last time I ever posted on a blog was back in 2007), although it was a family blog and I wasn't the one in charge of it. The blog was short lived due to social media such as Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter on the rise (Myspace, however declined in popularity, mainly due to the latter two). The reason why I have chosen to blog again after a long hiatus because after seeing how powerful Facebook and Twitter have become, I can promote my blog through those websites. You may think that "Can't you just share things on Facebook or tweet something on Twitter"? Well, it's not like that and here is the purpose of what the blog is all about.

In this blog, I will mostly talk about my views on certain topics such as professional wrestling (or sports entertainment as it's called in the WWE), MMA, New York Sports primarily focusing on the baseball teams  Yankees and Mets, and the football teams Giants and Jets. I may bring other topics later on in the blog, but as of now this is what I will talk about for the time being. I may do a Q&A session in the near future so I can hear everyone's opinion and give feedback.

Anyways, that is the reason why I have started this blog because there's more to say than just a status update on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter. The blog will go into full force starting next week so stay tuned as I will keep everyone posted.



Thursday, May 5, 2011

The NYCKNP Blog has made its debut on Blogger

Alrighty then, the NYCKNP Blog has made it's debut. Please note, I'm not new to blogging as I have done this before (although it was a family blog that was short lived). I will do formal introductions in my next post, but as of now stay tuned as you will not be disappointed.