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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Percy Harvin traded to New York Jets- What does this all mean?

I know I have been away for quite some time since I have been making a decision on how to re-brand Wrestling with Green Pinstripes. However, today is the day I officially break my silence.

As you are all aware, the +Seattle Seahawks have traded WR Percy Harvin to the +New York Jets in exchange for a conditional draft pick yesterday evening. The Jets made the announcement official this morning:

Jay Glazer from FOX Sports originally broke the news, and since then the media and the fans are trying to wrap their heads into the details. I also don't know too many details either on why Harvin was traded, but here's what this all means for the Jets.

  •  Evaluate for the 2015 season
At the record of 1-6 and in last place in the AFC East, the New York Jets already know that they are out of contention for 2014 and decided to make the trade for Percy Harvin to evaluate for next season. This will also determine whether Geno Smith is the future for the franchise going forward since he will get a full evaluation now that there are two playmakers on the offense. 

  • Low Risk, High Reward
With plenty of cap space going forward, the New York Jets managed to get Harvin in exchange for a conditional draft pick. NFL Network's Ian Rappaport broke it all down:

This means that if Harvin doesn't pan out, the Jets can release him without penalty. If he does manage to get on the same page with New York, Harvin will be on the Jets payroll going forward. Once again, this is a low-risk, high reward move that Idzik and Schneider negotiated to get Percy Harvin come over to the Jets. After all, with the record of 1-6, there is nothing left to lose.

  • R-E-L-A-X 
Ever since the trade was announced, both Seahawks and Jets fans are still digesting how this trade will work out. There is one thing I have to say to both fanbases: RELAX. It's still early to make judgements and when the games are played, we will find out.

That's all I have to say for now. Take care.

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